5 Good Songs with Bad Videos

The wonder of music is that the experience often goes beyond the auditory.  Listeners often will envision the song they are listening to in their own way.  Even with the creation of the music video, that experience still stands, though now, what we envision for a song may be drasticly different from what some random director decided what visuals should go with the song.

And, sadly, there are some great songs that are sidled with videos that are, well, crap.

The Phoenix – Fall Out Boy

I first heard The Phoenix at a Newbury Comics in Manchester, Connecticut.  I would not say that I was a big fan of Fall Out Boy before, but I really liked this song.  When I heard it, I imagined a scene from some fort of action movie, a major battle where the hero faces insurmountable odds but stands tall and fights on.

Then I saw the music video.

The only way I could describe it is torture porn along the lines of Hostel or Saw.  Just really creepy.  Makes me want to avoid the video at all costs.  Thankfully, how I saw the song still stands in my imagination.

Under Pressure – Queen with David Bowie

Under Pressure has really gotten a bad rap over the years, and none of it is really the fault of the performers.  The song itself is great.  Unfortunately, thanks to Vanilla Ice, there are many people out there (me included) who can’t hear the song’s great starting riff without thinking crappy rap.

But, even before Vanilla Ice and Ice Ice Baby, there was the video for Under Pressure.  I’m not sure if it is because of the blossoming nature of music videos at the time, or someone just got lazy, but the music video looks thrown together at the last moment.  In fact, it just looks like a long string of stock footage that someone quickly edited together and called it a music video.

Chain Reaction – Journey

We had a bit of a debate at work about this choice.  We debated which song from Frontiers had the cheesier video: Chain Reaction or Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).  I like think I won the debate by pointing out that the video for Chain Reaction features a mannequin for some strange reason.

View To A Kill – Duran Duran

James Bond movies have often been associated with music, with the opening title sequences often resembling music videos in their own right.  So, it seemed only fitting that Duran Duran should be tapped to perform the theme song to a James Bond movie.  Unfortunately, this movie was A View To A Kill, probably one of the worst of the James Bond movies.  Still, Duran Duran managed to create the high point of this Bond fiasco, the opening theme song.

And then they created the music video.  They attempted to capture the Bond theme by creating a scenario in which the various band members were spies prowling around the Eiffel Tower, while scenes from the movie are intercut throughout.  What we end up with is a silly sequence of preposterous events, from guns hidden in observation telescopes and blind accordion players killing photographers.

Into The Night – Benny Mardones

Another song from the 1980s.  Into The Night is a song of forbidden love between the singer and an underage girl.  Unlike the video for Under Pressure, there seems to be some thought put into this one.  Unfortunately, what we end up with is beyond cheesy.  I still do not even really understand the whole deal with the carpet in the girl’s room.

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