Picks of the Week – April 3, 2013

It’s a new month, and Easter is behind us.  Time to check out some new comics.

Starting this month is DC Comics’ WTF month.  Each of their New 52 books feature a fold out cover with the special shocking revelation.


Phantom Stranger #7 (DC Comics) – The Phantom Stranger comes to the aid of one Jack Ryder.  Is it in the plan for Ryder to return to the spotlight in glory?  Plus, Doctor Thirteen and the Question strike against the Phantom Stranger.

Stormwatch #19 (DC Comics) – In the ashes of the old Stormwatch rises a new team with some familiar, and unfamiliar faces in the line up.

Batwing #19 (DC Comics) – Batwing and his alter ego make a decision that will affect his life and his position as part of Batman, Inc.

Detective Comics #19 (DC Comics) – It seems odd that any comic hitting #19 would merit a extra-sized (and higher priced) treatment.  But then, if you factor in the number of issues that have passed since the restart for Detective Comics, you realize that this would have been issue #900 (one of the reasons why I was against the restart of Detective and Action).  This issue pays tribute to what would have been a major milestone with its main story, The 900.  Plus, there are a number of back up stories, pin ups and the like that would have undoubtedly been in this issue if it had reached 900 without restarting.

Animal Man #19 (DC Comics) – Buddy Baker is still dealing with the horrifying aftermath of the Rotworld event.  His son is dead, and his family is broken.  Can he convince the Red to free himself and Maxine of their destinies?

Green Lantern #19 (DC Comics) – Wrath of the First Lantern continues as Sinestro goes to his homeworld to confront the First Lantern.  Can he stop this new menace, or will he suffer a cost higher than he could have ever imagined?

All-New X-Men #10 (Marvel Comics) – The present day Cyclops and his team come to the school with an offer for the students: join him at his school.  Who stays, who goes, and how do the original X-Men react to all of this?

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