Saturday Songs – Sunday Edition

To be honest, this post has absolutely nothing to do with Easter.  I am not even going to try and justify it like I did with the actual Saturday Song.  This is here just because it is that cool.

I stumbled across this video one day while I was searching Youtube for music.  I was not even sure what I was looking for, but I am glad I found this.

Now, I had heard of Gretchen Wilson before, and I had heard of Alice in Chains.  I like some of the stuff from Alice in Chains, but never gotten into the more hardcore country sound of Wilson.

What I had never heard were the two of them together… performing Heart’s Barracuda.

Now, I’m still not sure that I would ever buy one of Gretchen Wilson’s country albums.  Even the few songs I had explored were just way too country for me.  But, if she were to ever release a rock album, even if it were just rock covers, I would buy that CD in a second.

Faster if Barracuda was on it.


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  1. I got sick and tired of hearing Redneck Woman, but this is damn good! It’s like she’s channeling Ann Wilson or something. Plus the appearance from Nancy was great.

  2. Gretchen is releasing a rock cover album on May 28th it’s going to be call “Under the Covers” so get your running shoes on! LOL

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