5 People You Don’t Want To Meet On A Dating Site

Boston Terrier Dating Online

Boston Terrier Dating Online (Photo credit: Don Hankins)

It you have never used an online dating site, then congratulations, you don’t feel like a complete loser.  But, for the rest of us, there are a number out there to try.  But, just like in real life, there are a number of people you do not want to run into.

Let me preface this list: I am pulling from personal experience, so all of my references will be feminine in nature.  But, I am positive that there are a ton of women out there who have run into the male equivalents.

  1. Scammers – This is the biggest problem with most of these online dating sites, especially the free sites.  The scam usually varies up to one point.  That point is when the scammer asks for money.  It could be a small amount, like a two hundred dollars, or it can be a lot more, like thousands of dollars.  The scammers will try to guilt you into giving them the money, like saying that you don’t love them because you won’t give them the money.  Just remember: they do not love you, and you do not know them.
  2. Pornbots – Pornbots are a lot like scammers, except they have a specific target.  They want you to join another website with the promise of a strip show, or just flat-out nudity.  The good pornbots will be real people who actually respond to what you are writing.  The bad ones follow the set script regardless of whatever gibberish you may write.  Personally, I once just repeated the word “albatross” again and again as one pornbot went along with its script.
  3. Ex-Coworkers You Never Got Along With – This is a tricky one.  After all, these web sites are usually pretty dumb.  You enter search criteria, and you get results back.  Sometimes these results result in a match up (at least, so I’ve heard, I have yet to see it).  But, sometimes, it puts in a match that you know is completely wrong because you know the person that came up.  If you are lucky, they may not have been matched with you.  If you are not lucky (like I was recently), you will discover they have seen your profile and now know you are on a dating site.
  4. Current Coworkers – Much like what happens with ex-coworkers above, getting a match with a current coworker opens up another mess entirely.  In addition to the awkwardness that could pop up when you now know they are on a dating site, there is the big issue of that you are still working together.  Maybe you do hit it off, great, but you also have to keep in mind that there is the possibility that you won’t hit it off.  Worse still, a failure to connect on a relationship level could also lead to problems with a work environment, which can spiral out affecting other coworkers.
  5. Catfish – This one has been in the news quite a bit.  But, catfish cover more than just the completely fabricated people who can lure you in.  A catfish can be as simple as someone who leaves of a small, but quite vital piece of information, like they have a child.

I do not seek to take anything away from these sites.  There are a number of people out there who have successfully found their better halves through online dating.  But, you still need to be careful and protect yourself when you use these sites.

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