Weekend Update


It was one of those wild and busy weekends.  Thursday into Friday, Mother Nature decided to mess with everyone by dumping a random amount of snow across the state of Connecticut.  What really made this storm so much fun is that while various parts of the state got upwards to about 20 inches of snow, Bradley Airport received something like four and a half inches.  What that means that even though the state got socked, the official snow total, which is measured at Bradley International Airport, is only four and a half inches.

It’s something I had to keep in mind as I tried to drive to work and got stuck just out of my driveway.

This snow made everyone where I work a little concerned.  We were scheduled to broadcast the Hartford and New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parades.  Now, with much of the state digging out, we wondered if there would be any delays or cancellations of these parades.  To their credit, the city of Hartford really stepped up, clearing not only the roads, but the areas that were along the parade route.  Of course, it did not help that temperatures climbed into the high forties and low fifties for Saturday’s parade.


This would be the first year since we broadcast the parades that I did not work the Hartford parade.  As that was getting ready for air, I was on my way to New Haven to set up for the New Haven Parade Sunday.  Much like Hartford, New Haven decided to move ahead with the parade, with much of the work going into making sure the snow was cleared from the roads and from along the parade route.

Set up for these events is usually the same, at least for me.  Since I usually work on the graphic side of things, I usually come in, make sure the Chyron is running, then start building the elements I need for the parade.  Then I wait.  And occasionally help out with building cameras.  But mostly wait.  In this instance, waiting entailed staring at Shake Shack across the way.  It certainly did not help that a number of my coworkers kept talking about Shake Shack like it was Oz, Nirvana and the Pearly Gates all rolled into one.

Needless to say, with that type of build up, you really want to try Shake Shack.  Which we did.  I have to say, while the burgers were good, they did not live up to the hype that I had heard.  I had a strawberry shake, which was also good, but I’m not sure if they lived up to the hype there, too.

That did not stop me from having three shakes from there by the end of the weekend (two strawberry and one black and white).

I love working on these productions, though there is one aspect that I usually don’t like.  As a night person, I often run into issues getting to sleep on these days, made doubly worse by the fact that I have to get up early for these events.

IMG_20130310_124930Still, the weather cooperated nicely for us, with the temperatures climbing into the high forties once again.  It drew out the crowds very well, not that the New Haven parade really needs help with that.  The parade is one of the largest in the country, and the largest event in Connecticut.  Even at ten am, people start showing up.  I have to say that if I did not have to work the parade, I would probably want to attend the parade as a spectator.

Granted, working the parade on the broadcast side, I did not really get a chance to watch the parade, but I thought everything went well.  After the broadcast, the only thing left for us was to break down the gear and pack it away.  Once that was completed, all that was left was to head back home… stopping at Jake’s Wayback Burgers along the way for an Orange Cream milkshake.

So, if you are keeping track, that was four milkshakes in two days.  I really should join a gym after this weekend.


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