Picks of the Week – March 6, 2013

It’s been a busy week across the country.  Wild winter weather has socked much of the U.S., and the Catholic Church gets ready to pick a new Pope.

At least there are some new comics to bide the time while we wait for the weather to clear.


Green Lantern #18 (DC Comics) – Wrath of the First Lantern continues as Simon Baz finds himself finally meeting Hal Jordan and Sinestro.  Unfortunately, Simon had to die to meet them.

Batman: Detective Comics #18 (DC Comics) – In the aftermath of last week’s Batman Inc. and the death of Robin, Batman goes up against The Penguin.  But, what part does Mister Zsasz play in all of this?

Worlds’ Finest #10 (DC Comics) – Huntress pays her respects to her fallen not brother.  Also, Michael (Mister Terrific) Holt is back.

Swamp Thing #18 (DC Comics) – The first of the two Rotworld epilogues as Swamp Thing confronts Arcane, and must make the toughest of decisions to save the world.

Animal Man #18 (DC Comics) – The second of the Rotworld epilogues as Buddy Baker finds himself back where the Rot took over.  Can he stop the Rot, and what price will he pay?

All-New X-Men #8 (Marvel Comics) – It’s an Angel team up as the present and the past Angels go up against Hydra.  Is the past Warren ready for this new world?  Plus a guest appearance by the Avengers.

G.I. Joe: Real American Hero #188 (IDW) – For those of us who are collectors of the toys, we know that in the United Kingdom, Cobra was not the only terrorist group the Joes faced off against.  Well, in this issue, we meet the Red Shadows.

Age of Ultron #1 (Marvel Comics) – I set this one apart from the Marvel books because I’m not really recommending it, but I feel it necessary to comment on it.  Age of Ultron has been built up for a while as the next big Marvel event.  Yet, when I read this issue, I did not see the next big event.  I saw an alternate reality series that, frankly, has me weary of the whole thing.  Personally, I am tired of alternate reality stories.  I find them a cop-out because it allows the writers to explore a nightmare reality without damaging the mainstream.  Things don’t work for the series and it does not matter because everything will be reset and no one will really be any wiser.  I am doubly dubious about this series since the first issue features a special shiny cover that screams gimmick.  I don’t get the build up for what seems to be Terminator with superheroes.

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