5 Soda Flavors I Miss

English: Glass of cola

Some time ago, more years than I care to remember, I decided that I would try to get into shape.  That… didn’t take.  But, in that process, I did make a decision that has stuck to me even today.  I had decided to eliminate sodas from my diet.  Not just the usual delicious normal sodas, but even the icky aftertaste diet ones too.  Since I made that decision, I have not had any sort of fizzy drink.

Still, there are some flavors that I do miss.

  1. Coca-Cola – This is the only cola that I would drink.  If a restaurant had Pepsi, I would drink something else.  Only Coke was good enough for me.
  2. Ginger Ale – I liked ginger ale, especially when I had a sore throat and I drank it to soothe it.
  3. Root Beer – I was a particular fan of A&W, but I would drink Hires in a pinch.  Root beer floats are the one thing I really miss since dropping sodas.
  4. Orange Soda– Sunkist was my particular favorite, but most orange sodas were a worthy substitute for a root beer float.  With vanilla ice cream, it was like drinking a Creamsicle.
  5. Sprite – I often preferred Sprite to 7-Up, though now I really don’t remember why since I would drink either.  I even had a set of those “Un-Cola” glasses 7-Up released way back when.  I think that the Sprite preference came from Sprite Remix, where they would mix Sprite with different fruit flavors.  I liked them because they were a welcome change to Sprite.

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