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5 Songs That Always Stop Me Flipping

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For a while now, I have been spoiled.  My current car, though not great in the snow, does have one feature that my Jeep did not have: satellite radio.  Even with connections for iPods, I will still find myself listening to the radio, and flipping a lot.  I will cycle through my programmed stations searching for something to listen to.  But there are also a few songs that will get me to stop flipping.  A couple of them will even make me turn my car into a rolling karaoke club.


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When Will I Ever Learn?

For a while, I was doing fine.  I had accepted that my possibilities of getting a date are about as likely as hitting double 0 on a roulette wheel 42 times in a row.  But still, I had to bow to the pressure of Valentine’s Day and try once more.

When will I ever learn???

Saturday Songs – February 16, 2013

Keeping with the special Wednesday edition, we revisit a band that I have featured in Saturday Songs before.  To be honest, a lot of their music would work for that special edition’s theme.

So, I present once more… Stabbing Westward.

Joe Colton Figure



I picked up a Joe Colton figure from the new G.i. Joe movie toy collection.  For those who don’t know, Colton is being played by Bruce Willis.  Looking at the figure, I could think only one thing.

This would make a great John McClane mod!

Picks of the Week – February 13, 2013

It’s been one of those weeks.  The Northeast got hit with a blizzard.  Valentine’s Day is Thursday.

Thank goodness it’s a new comics day.

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Saturday Songs – Special Valentine’s Edition

Since I was not able to post my usual Saturday Song this week thanks to the blizzard of 2013 (note, this is the blizzard of 2013, not Nemo, or Charlotte,   just the blizzard of 2013), I figured that I would take a moment to pick out some of the songs that I will be listening to this Valentine’s Day.

First up is a classic.

Next up is a personal favorite from one of my personal favorite bands which has had one other song in the Saturday Songs, Queensryche.

Next up, we turn to the Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master soundtrack for the Vinnie Vincent Invasion.

Next up is Weird Al Yankovic with a thematic parody of the power ballad form.

Finally, we have a pick from the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson.

Let’s see if you can guess the theme.


Weird Stuff and Non Prophesies

Regular readers of my blog probably have already figured out that I believe in some strange stuff, or, at least, I am very open-minded to the possibility that there are some strange things out there that we do not know about.  I believe there is the possibility of an as yet unknown creature living in the remote regions of the Himalayas.  I believe that it is possible for something of a person to be left behind after they die, be it their actual spirit or a “recording” thereof.  I also believe in the possibility of life on other planets, though I am not convinced that they are coming here.

English: I took this image and allow its free ...

English: I took this image and allow its free use. You can see the book physically by visiting here: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am less inclined to believe in prophecies.  At least, I do not believe that prophesies are the one sole vision of the future.  It was something I started to think about Monday as I braced myself to the idea that I still had a blizzard’s worth of snow to get out of my driveway.  That’s when I heard the story about the Pope stepping down.  This got me thinking about one of the prophecies that I heard about the Popes.  In particular, this prophesy stated that the next Pope would be the last Pope, as predicted by Saint Malachy.  Which, naturally, got me thinking about prophesies in general, and how inaccurate they have been in the past, and will be in the future.

The biggest problem I have with most prophesies is the vague nature of how they are written.  Take for an example most of the writings of Nostradamus.  He is considered to be one of the greats in prophesies.  However, many of his quatrains are written so vaguely that they could be interpreted in any way that the readers wants to interpret them.  Believers have worked to defend his “abilities” by claiming he wrote in anagrams and changed letters (the Hister/Hitler “wordplay” is the best example).  Even reading through his supposed hits, there are points that do not match the actual history.  More than likely Nostradamus is interpreted as a great visionary after the fact.

One of the other problems with a lot of prophecies is that are so many of them.  Between the psychics and the prophets and the, well, anyone who has predicted anything, there are so many prophesies out there.  All of them are different, and many of them happen at the same time.  Obviously they cannot all be right.  Which comes to the next problem: figuring out which is the correct prophecy.  Do we assume that the negative prophecies are the correct ones?  Personally, I hate to think that all that the future holds for us are nightmares, destruction, and death.  conversely, we cannot look blindly into the future believing that everything will be okay because someone saw a bright shiny future of peace, love, and good investments for everyone.

Does this mean that I don’t believe that someone could see the future?  Well, yes and no.  My personal belief is that there is indeed the possibility of seeing a future, but not exactly the future.  It is possible for these people to see into the future, but that future is not necessarily the one that is meant for us.  Just like how some television producers would dispense “false spoilers” to put die-hard fans from knowing that they had planned for their series, I think that it is possible that the multiple visions of what is to come act as false spoilers for our future.  In getting multiple visions, all telling something different, we are left to wander what is to come, as it should be.  At the very least, these visions act like the ones shown to Ebenezer Scrooge by the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, a future that can be altered, sometimes with just the very knowledge of a darker time.

Snowmaggedon – Day 4



I managed to make it home after three days being away from home.  The roads have gotten better, but they were is still a lot of snow to deal with in the state.  Even in our driveway there is still a lot of snow to deal with.

I won’t even mention the mailbox… or what’s left of it after the plows came through.

Snowmaggedon – Day 3


Day 3 finds me at a hotel again, trapped by the Blizzard one more day.
The picture was taken by my dad, showing exactly how bad it is out there.  If you were wondering, our road has not been plowed yet (par for the course, sadly).
It is still pretty trecherous out there, even where the plows have managed to get through.  There is a lot of ice out there,making it pretty slippery even on foot.  I still ache from the two falls I had earlier.
Hopefully, the plows will have gone through my neighborhood by Sunday.  Even if they do, I still will have to clear a couple of feet of snow before I can get into my driveway.
I’m not looking forward to that,either.

Snowmageddon – Day 2


It’s 3am, and I should be asleep.  But I just can’t unset myself off a late night mentality.
The blizzard has also got me snowbound in town, so I’m sleeping at a hotel instead of my familiar bed.  That’s not helping things.
Also, it is still snowing like crazy outside.  This is going to be some mess.

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