5 Things I Keep With Me For My Writing

English: penulis = writer

English: penulis = writer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any writer will tell you that inspiration can strike anywhere at any time.  Naturally, most writers will make sure that they are ready for these ideas whenever they may strike.

For me, there are 5 things I always keep with me to further my writing.

  • Notebooks and pens – I have blank notebooks everywhere.  In my book bag, next to my bed, literally everywhere.  Big notebooks, little notebooks, whatever I can use.  Personally, I tend to splurge a bit and buy the journals with stronger covers that will last a bit longer than a common spiral notebooks.  When an idea strikes, I will jot it down in one of these notebooks.
  • Catch – Catch is an app that I stumbled across looking for a digital notebook for those times when a standard notebook cannot be easily brought along.  Catch is free, but can be upgraded for more space.  What I like about it is that it works across platforms, to that I have access to it from my computer, my iPod, my cell phone, and even my Nook.
  • Nook – Speaking of my Nook, I have loaded by Nook with my past writing projects so that I can edit them on the go without having to print out each story.  I’m sure that the Kindle has the same capabilities as the Nook, but I opted to buy locally when I got my first Nook.
  • Idea books – Sometimes creativity needs a little nudge.  There are a number of books out there which can help you brainstorm ideas, and even suggest some that you can use to get things rolling.  My personal favorite is The Writer’s Book of Matches, which offers a number of story ideas to build from.
  • A Creative Mind – The last tool I mention is the most important.  Ideas are everywhere, but you need to keep your mind open to them.  It can be anything from a bizarre dream, a strange turn of a phrase, or even just a simple observation of a situation around you.  You just have to look, listen, and when the idea comes, make note of it.

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