Picks of the Week – February 6, 2013

You managed to survive Super Bowl weekend.  Now (if you’re in the Northeast), you might get pummeled with a blizzard on Friday.  It’s a good thing that Wednesday was new comics day.


Rotworld: Finale (DC Comics) – The Swamp Thing/Animal Man crossover starts to come to a close this month.  Animal Man #17 starts part one as the forces of the Red and the Green converge for a final battle against Arcane and the Rot.  And in Swamp Thing #17, our heroes face the fates of their loved ones while trying to save the world.

Phantom Stranger #5 (DC Comics) – It’s the Phantom Stranger and the Spectre in a battle to save the Stranger’s family.  But, how does the Question fit into all of this?  And we hear the voice… of Dog???

All-New X-Men #7 (Marvel Comics) – Cyclops confronts his own dark future, meeting Mystique along the way.  But, what is Mystique’s plan for the young Scott Summers and the other mutants?

Doctor Who #5 (IDW) – Welcome aboard the Excelsis, the most luxurious star liner that the Ponds have found themselves booked on as the Doctor repairs the TARDIS.  But, what is super thief Christina De Souza (last seen in the 10th Doctor special Planet of the Dead) doing on board?


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