Led Back To My Blog, or How I Did My Blog A Disservice

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One of the nice features of WordPress.com is that it tracks the search terms that have led people to your blog.  It will do this for the day, the week, the month, the quarter, the year, and all time.  Using that, you can discover what people are looking for when their search led them to your blog.

Which is how I have done my own blog a disservice.

For anyone who has looked through my blog, they will have figured out that it is… eclectic at best.  With the exception of Thursdays when I post my comic picks of the week, and Saturdays when I post a song that I like, the rest is a mish mash of quotes, lists and personal musings on whatever I feel like talking about.

In one such personal musing, I talked about the five famous people who would get me on a roller coaster (the list has since been modified and expanded… which makes me think I should post that again).  A few other posts have dealt with the Facebook game Marvel Avengers Alliance, which I had played for a while but stopped… even before I cut down my Facebook time.

Now, the Facebook game posts are not really an issue, or at least not as bad of an issue as other posts.  But, even today, a great number of search terms on my all time list have led people to my blog.

The problem lies not with those posts.  The problem lies with the one post about the five women who could get me to ride a roller coaster.  The post itself was an innocuous list of five celebrities, along with pictures of each one.  There was nothing all that scandalous about it… unless you count the fact that Paris Hilton was on the list because she could pay me enough to ride a roller coaster (I really don’t like roller coasters).


At least the original post was not meant to be all that scandalous.  But, given the number of search terms that WordPress.com has said have led to my blog, you would think otherwise.  It was something I had noticed before, but came to my attention when I saw the search terms for Monday.  From an innocent post listing actress Elisha Cuthbert as someone who could get me on a roller coaster spawned the top search term for that Monday.  At least, it spawned part of it.

Naturally, when you see a search term like “elisha cuthbert hot nude” on your list (first no less), you get curious as to what else may have led to your blog.  I was no different.  So I checked the seven-day.  There is was in the third position.  Really, it was tied with three other search terms.

On to the 30 day, where I found that same search again, this time eighth and tied with a whole slew more search terms.  The quarterly was rather tame, but the year was a bit more shocking.  Out of the top ten search terms, three featured either the word “naked” or “nude.”  The all-time was the same.  But reading through the list were more items, “kim bauer nude,” “paris hilton playboy,” even an “amy lee bikini.”

At this point, there is not much I can do to change this trend, except maybe take down the original post.  But then, why should I?  There was nothing really bad about the original post.  And, let’s face it, it does not hurt to have the extra traffic on my blog.


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