Comics That Have Lost Their Appeal

My Comic Relief Haul

As you may have guessed from the weekly posts about what I think are the picks of the comic week, I am a comic collector.  I still like to read a wide variety of comics from all sorts of genres.  But, there are a few comic titles that I have not been all that excited for lately.  They are just losing their appeal to me.



I may as well start off with the big one.  I was a Spider-Man fan, a pretty big one.  Granted I would start and stop reading depending on a number of factors.  Poor artwork and poor stories were two of the biggest reasons.  But I would always seem to find my way back.  At least until One More Day.  It is a storyline that has become infamous.  For me, the conclusion of the storyline was just too much for me to take.  I had grown up with Spider-Man being the epitome of the phrase “With great power comes great responsibility.”  Keeping that in mind, I felt that the whole making a deal with Mephisto to save his beloved Aunt May (who, let’s face it, probably like the third person on the face of the Earth after Adam and Eve) was completely out of character.  I was so offended that I stopped reading all Spider-Man titles.  Unfortunately, Marvel had already decided to feature him in The Avengers, FF, and thirty-nine other team titles, making avoidance of Spider-Man without cutting off an entire company nigh impossible.  Still, I had at least the Ultimate Spider-Man version to read.

The Ultimate Titles

Which brings me to the next set of books that have lost their luster.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still a big fan of Ultimate Spider-Man.  I am even liking the direction that they took with killing Peter and bringing in Miles.  it actually makes the book much fresher.

Sadly, this does not seem to apply for the other Ultimate titles.  I am really not sure what Marvel was thinking with what they did with Ultimate X-Men and Ultimates, but it really is not working for me.  Splitting up the country just seems like the writers got together and said, “We’ve got nothing other than this lame story about the U.S. breaking up into separate factions.  Guess we’ll go with that.”  The whole story line seemed to start too fast and resolve itself too soon.  At least Ultimate Spider-Man did not get greatly affected by it.

Punisher Titles

The Punisher is one of those cool characters that is good in small doses.  A mini-series here, a MAX title there.  But when he starts showing up in every book, he starts to grow old.  Worse still, he has never seemed like a team player, which makes his involvement in the new version of the Thunderbolts work even less.  We won’t even go into the whole Frankencastle and Space Punisher stories.


Vampirella has always been very hit and miss with me, and not just because of her costume.  Some of the older stories are pretty decent.  Then again, I never got into the whole Vampi stuff either.  Lately, a lot of the Vampirella stories I’ve been reading have had no real appeal.  They’ve just been very mediocre.  Maybe I should see it as a sign I’m growing up if I look more to stories than to a skimpy red one piece outfit that could never realistically stay in place in combat to keep my attention.

Grimm Fairy Tales

This Zenoscope book was pretty cool when it came out.  Tweaked retellings of classic fairy tales that were almost as gruesome as the original tales.  Seriously, go out and buy a book of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, a good one that features the original tales.  Quite a few of them are really ghastly.  Zenoscope’s series captured that… at least for a while.  Recent book have seemed to focus more on Sela, the mysterious storyteller from the early issues, along with stories that are not torn from the pages of the Brothers Grimm, but from mundane comic story line.  I have actually reached the point where if I miss an issue, I really don’t care and would probably drop it anyway.

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