Picks of the Week – January 23, 2013

Bitter cold has gripped much of the country, including the Northeast.  At least this week’s new comic day heats things up.


Justice League #16 (DC Comics) – Throne of Atlantis continues as Aquaman tries to keep the forces of Atlantis from going to war with the surface world.  Unfortunately, the Justice League wants Orm, the current king of Atlantis to answer for the deaths that happened last month.

Wonder Woman #16 (DC Comics) – Wonder Woman asks Milan for a lead as to who has Zola’s baby.  Meanwhile, Zola and Hera hit the town, with some unexpected visitors.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #16 (DC Comics) – Rise of the Third Army continues as Kyle faces off against the Guardian who made him a Green Lantern: Ganthet.  Can Kyle harness the power of the ring spectrum, or will he fall to the third army?

Green Lantern #16 (DC Comics) – Simon Baz learns more of what it means to be a Green Lantern, as he does something that surprises even the veteran GL B’dg.

Wolverine and the X-Men #24 (Marvel Comics) – It’s date night at the school as Kitty and Bobby head out on the town, and Quentin Quire tries to hook up with one of the school’s new arrivals.

Masks #3 (Dynamite Entertainment) – Dynamite’s pulp hero crossover continues as more heroes appear on the scene.

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