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I can’t say that I have not seen this happening for a while.  My presence on Facebook has been pretty much shut down before today.  Just about everything I have on their is only visible to me.  I also turned off the search option, so my account is not searchable.  If anything, my Facebook friends list has gone down, especially since I have not added anyone in months.

The latest has been my fight with Facebook over how I display my homepage.  I prefer to read the most recent items first.  Facebook, however, kept changing the list to top stories.  I would set it to most recent, and Facebook would change it back.

It ended up being the last straw.  I have not deactivated my account… yet.  But I have deleted links and apps.  At least most of them.  It seems I cannot delete the Facebook app off my Android phone.

I might someday return to Facebook, though, I think that at this point, if I return, it will be to finally deactivate my account.

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