Thinking Back

English: A DVD that has severely degraded and ...

English: A DVD that has severely degraded and become unplayable. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I remember a time when if you scratched your album, all it would do is skip.  Or if you bought it on a hot summer day and ran a few more errands before heading home, you ran the risk of the album melting and warping into something unplayable.  Or, if you drop it on just the right surface, it would actually break.


I remember audio and video cassettes.  Leave one of them too close to a magnet, and WHAMO!  I had one actually destroyed in a store as I was buying it because the cashier passed it over the same security demagnitizer that the used for the books.  Thankfully, they took the return given the situation.


I remember all of this while I set aside my copy of Green Lantern Emerald Knights, a DVD I just recently tried to rewatch, only to be thwarted by a few persistent motes of dust that I just can’t seem to blow off of it.


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  1. Ah the joys of vinyl :)

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