Picks of the Week – January 9, 2013

It may be Wednesday, but I’m a bit tweaked thanks to a horder strike at my local comic shop.  I still have some picks, but I have unfortunately been deprived of Walking Dead #106 since two guys went in and bought 6 issues… each!

Anyway, here are this week’s picks.


Animal Man #16 (DC Comics) – The frightening Rotworld crossover with Swamp Thing continues as Buddy Baker joins with this world’s Green Lantern, a familiar face to longtime GL fans.  We also learn more about the fate of the Baker family in the world before the Rot took over.

Swamp Thing #16 (DC Comics) – Swamp Thing makes a stand in the Rotworld’s version of Gotham City.  And, before the Rot took over, we learn the fate of Abigail Arcane.

Phantom Stranger #4 (DC Comics) – John Constantine tries to recruit the Phantom Stranger for the Justice League Dark.  What happens when The Stranger is less than eager to join their ranks?

Clone #3 (Image Comics) – Our cloned hero (or is he a clone himself?) is in the belly of the beast trying to save his kidnapped wife.

Doctor Who #4 (IDW) – Part two of the Doctor and Rory’s adventure without Amy.  While Amy is off on an adventure of her own, the two are bouncing around time and space.

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