Worst 5 of 2012 – Comics

With a number of high points and low points, comics have had quite a year.  Here are a few of the events that I felt were “the worst.”

  • Avengers vs. X-Men – Ugh, this was not how to do an event.  First, it was another hero versus hero battle, a lot of which I did not really get why they were fighting, or care.  Worst still, the series had all the marks of a typical Marvel “event.”  A major character was killed, though we all know that he will be back within the year.  Worse still, the series ended with Cyclops being led off to prison, which is how Marvel ended Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, and Siege.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #700 – I have to admit that I did not read this issue.  In truth, I have been on a Spider-Man boycott since One More Day, which I felt was way out of character for Spider-Man, and an insult to the long time readers of the book.  I did not think that it was possible to crap on a character any worse than they did in One More Day.  And then I read the spoilers for this issue.  The eight dollar price tag certainly did not help to convince me this was an issue I needed to break my boycott for, either.
  • Rob Liefeld – One of the biggest names in comics to leave DC’s New 52, Liefeld has been quite vocal about his side of the DC/Liefeld battle.  Personally, I felt that Liefeld was all that great a talent, either in writing or art.  Losing him only helped to make DC that much better.
  • Cancelling Avengers Academy – Avengers Academy was a great concept.  Five young super humans, all of which have been abused, tormented and twisted under Osborn’s Dark Reign.  Pair them up with five former Avengers with questionable pasts and hope that they can mentor the next generation into becoming heroes, and not villains.  Even when they added more young characters, the book still read well.  Then, as part of their Marvel Now! initiative, they cancelled it to be replaced with Avengers Arena, a Hunger Games/Battle Royale knock off intended to take potentially great characters and kill them off.
  • Before Watchmen – This series of mini-series intended to explore the world of The Watchmen before the monumental mini-series had become controversial even before it was published.  Given the intense scrutiny, and the bad press coming from Alan Moore (writer of the original graphic novel), these mini-series should have been top of the line.  Sadly, even with writers like J. Michael Straczynski, Brian Azzarello and Len Wein, these mini-series have been falling flat, leaving me thinking that maybe Alan Moore’s scorn for the idea was well placed.

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