The Problem with Best of 2012

Every year at this time, many web sites start to put out their Best of 2012 lists.  I had planned on being one of those web sites until I ran into a bit of a problem.

It turns out that even with DVD viewings, I have only seen four movies this year that I would put on a Best of list.  At least, only four movies that actually came out this past year.  Granted, I could put The Hobbit on that list, which would just make five, but I have not seen it yet (shockingly enough).  Thus, for me to complete the list I would have to put on a movie that was not quite up to snuff.

And, apparently, I have seen a ton of them.  In truth, I could probably put together a top 25 list of the crappy movies that I’ve seen.  Okay, maybe not a top 25, but I can easily fill a Worst five than I can a Best five.  I think that comes from my love of bad movies.  At least, those bad movies that are so bad they are good.

Take, for example, Iron Sky.  For those who don’t know this movie, it is an adventure that works off the premise that the Nazis fled Germany in 1945 and set up a base on the moon.  It is pure hokey nonsense, but it is fun pure hokey nonsense.  I have to admit that I did have fun watching it, but I would in no way consider it one of the best movies of 2012.  It could be one of the guilty pleasures of 2012, but not one of the best.

Which, naturally, shows the inherent problem of any best of list.  All lists are subjective.  If you thought that John Carter, Wrath of the Titans, Piranha 3DD were three of the best movies of the year, that’s your opinion (wrong as it is).  If you just follow what Michael Medved or Roger Ebert list as their best, then you run the risk of people called a poser.

As for me, I think I’m going to hold off on the best of list for films until I feel comfortable with the list I write up.  I will be working on Worst of 2012 lists for movies, along with a few television and comic lists.  Stay tuned for them.

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Avid comic reader, amateur writer, music fan, and someone with opinions, lots of opinions.

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  1. just because other people put out best of whatever list doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. i like your worst of 2012 list. it’s different. happy new year!

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