Picks of the Week – December 26, 2012

After last week’s gigantic week, this week’s comics are a bit sparse.  Not counting Spider-Man #700, which I did not pick up because I am still bitter from One More Day (and I heard what the story was, too), I picked up a grand total of 6 comics.


Justice League #15 (DC Comics) – It starts here, the Aquaman/Justice League Throne of Atlantis crossover.  Atlantis is attacked, leading its ruler to declare war on the surface world.

Aquaman #15 (DC Comics) – Throne of Atlantis continues as Aquaman confronts his brother, the current ruler of Atlantis, after the devastating attacks in this week’s Justice League.  Plus we learn why Aquaman does not sit on the throne of Atlantis.

Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #4 (DC Comics) – This mini-series concludes, bringing us up to events depicted in the classic Watchmen series.  Like many of the Before Watchmen series, I’ve been rather disappointed with this read.

Mara #1 (Image Comics) – Mara is the hottest volleyball player in a future time.  But, there is much more to Mara than meets the eye.

Deathmatch #1 (Boom! Studios) – Something has gathered the heroes and villains of the world and pitted them against each other in a duel to the death.  Unlike other similar series that have used established heroes, or versions of them (Contest of Champions, Arena), the stakes are quite real.  Included in this issue are bios for some of the characters (I’m assuming this will continue through the series), along with a bracket showing this issue’s two matches.

The Shadow Special #1 (Dynamite) – What happens when the Shadow meets someone from his past, the past he had before he was Lamont Cranston?


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