Picks of the Week – December 19, 2012

It’s been a really rotten week.  I think we can all agree on that.  At least, for a little while, we can escape into another world because it’s Wednesday.  And, thanks to the holiday next week, it is a massive week for comics.


Wonder Woman #15 (DC Comics) – Wonder Woman’s bracers get an upgrade as she comes into conflict with Orion.  Plus, Zola and Hera have a bonding moment.

Green Lantern #15 (DC Comics) – Trying to clear his name, Simon Baz goes to meet with the man whose van he stole.  From there, things go from bad to worse, even before the third army shows up.

Green Lantern New Guardians #15 (DC Comics) – Kyle Rayner’s mission to master the spectrum of the rings brings him to Larfreeze.  Can he master avarice before the third army strikes?

FF #2 (Marvel Comics) – Is the fill-in Fantastic Four breaking up before they even have a chance to team up?  Can Scott Lang manage to hold the team together even as they face trial after trial?

Masks #2 (Dynamite Entertainment) – I have to admit, pulp heroes are a guilty pleasure for me.  I listen to lots of old radio shows, too.  So, seeing the legends of old team up is something cool.  And it’s hard to beat a line up of The Shadow, The Green Hornet and Kato, The Spider, Miss Fury, The Green Lama, and Zorro.  I do have to admit I did need to look up how district attorney Tony Quinn fit into this line up, but now I know who he is, I look forward to his inclusion in the story.


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