Unfriending and Deactivating

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The other day, I had to unfriend someone on Facebook.  For most people that happens all the time.


I’m not most people.


Most times when I unfriend someone, it’s usually because they have deactivated their account.  I just went through a spur of that about a month ago.  But this time, this was different.  I had only unfriended someone like this once before.  Surprisingly, it was for similar reasons.


As I have mentioned before, I work in the media.  I usually only mention this vaguely because I want to keep this blog separate from anything to do with work.  It is not that I’m not proud of what I do, I am.  I just want someplace to express how I feel about things that is not connected to work.  It is this pride in my work that led to both of these unfriending moments.  I realize that we are not perfect, but I do not appreciate being bashed on Facebook, either directly or indirectly.  In both cases, it was an indirect attack.


Add in the Instagram TOS fiasco which led to me deleting my Instagram account, I started thinking about things.\


Do I really need Facebook?


Do I really need Twitter for that matter?


Both have become little more than an outlet for be to promote this blog.  And games, but I really start to get bored with the repetitive nature of Facebook games fast.  I don’t really use either to keep in touch with anyone I knew from school.  I don’t even really use it to make new connections (the assumption there is that who the Hell would have to friend me).  So, it really seems pointless for me to keep any of these social networks.


So, why do I bother?


No, really, why do I bother?  I really would like an answer.  Why should I not just deactivate Facebook and Twitter and forget the whole thing?



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    There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thanks

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