5 Licenses Lego Should Pursue

LEGO logo

LEGO logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lego is the building brick powerhouse of the toy world.  On top of that, it has also secured a number of product licenses, from DC Heroes to Pirates of the Caribbean.  It seemed only fitting that they would happen to pick up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well.

Seeing this, I realize that there are a whole slew of licenses that Lego could go after, licenses that are perfect for Lego.

1) Star Trek

Just like Star Wars, Star Trek represents a massive amount of possibilities for Lego.  Between all the different Trek series, even the reboot, there are so many potential sets.  Smaller sets would deal with landing parties.  Larger sets would include bridge scenes, transporter sets, even shuttle craft.  There is even the potential for mini-vehicle sets which feature the ships of Star Trek.

2) Godzilla

Godzilla sets would be pretty simple.  One larger monster with a mini-scale cityscape for the monster to destroy.  The largest set would obviously be Godzilla with a large cityscape along with one other monster (best bet: Ghidorah), while smaller sets would feature monster fights (Mothra vs. Mecha-Godzilla, Anguilas vs. Battra) along with a couple of mini-vehicles.

3) Universal Monsters

Lego already has a monster line.  But, by going after the Universal Monster license, they can take that line to a whole new level.  Scenes from the classic movies would be the subject of new sets, from Frankenstein’s Laboratory to the Rita from Creature from the Black Lagoon.

4) G.I. Joe

There have been G.I. Joe oriented building sets before, but if Lego were to get the license, there are a number of directions it could go.  The most obvious would be the Real American Hero direction, with Joe and Cobra sets, the largest being the Joe base or the Cobra base.  Alternately, Lego could go with the classic Adventure Team sets, which would allow the company to reuse components from other lines to create adventure scenarios for out hero.

5) King Arthur

Not a true license, but a rebranding of Lego’s Knights series.  Newer sets in this line would include the famous sword in the stone and naturally the round table.


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  1. Hey, its funny I just got around to reading your post today and what happens, I get a mailing from ThinkGeek that includes a company that does Lego-like sets for other fandoms…

    look under “best lock sets”

    Oh and you make great points on the opportunities LEGO is missing out on here.

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