Picks Of The Week – November 28, 2012

Back from its November hiatus, I bring you once more my comic picks for this week.


Aquaman #14 (DC Comics) – This issue leads into the Throne of Atlantis, the crossover between Aquaman and Justice League.  Aquaman confronts his brother about the events of the last few issues.  Is Atlantis behind the actions of Black Manta?

Red Lanterns #14 (DC Comics) – Rise of the Third Army continues as the Red Lanterns face off against the third army.  As the Lanterns seek to repower their battery, Atrocitus gives the human Red Lantern Rankorr a task: take vengeance on the one who first enraged him.

Teen Titans #14 (DC Comics) – Red Robin, Wonder Girl and Superboy confront Diesel in a battle that will change their relationship.  And, does Kiran have a change of being normal?

FF #1 (Marvel Comics) – Mike Allred brings his unique art style back to Marvel as the Fantastic Four prepare his leave Earth (see Fantastic Four #1, also out this month).  Before they do this, they need to find the right people to look after the Future Foundation.  But will everyone they ask agree to help out?

Astonishing X-Men Annual #1 (Marvel Comics) – A different issue as Northstar and Kyle head start their honeymoon only to have X-Men business intrude.  This issue gives Kyle insight as to what it’s like to be related to an X-Men.  Backing up this story is a reprint of Alpha Flight #106, the issue in which Northstar came out.

All-New X-Men #2 (Marvel Comics) – Henry McCoy takes drastic measures to try and stop what transpired in A vs. X by confronting the original X-Men in the past, then pulling them into the future.  How do the original X-Men react to a world where Jean is dead and Scott killed the professor?

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