NaNoWriMo Day 13

Everything is coming together.  The heroes have learned that there is actually a thirteenth scroll, the contents of which are so dreaded that it has been hidden away (and I still don’t know what’s written on the scroll… I really need to figure that out).  Now they must travel to an unforgiving land where no human has ever returned from on the hopes that they can find the weapons needed to fight the great evil.

All this and I saw Skyfall Monday.

Next on the list of things to do for the story is find names for a pair of ice elves that will assist the heroes in the unforgiving land, called by some the Land of Frozen Death.  That and maybe a few other names for other characters that will be working into the story.

Right now, my word count is at a whopping 41,038 words.  This is actually about the same pace as I had in 2011, (I was at roughly 30,000 words in 2010).


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