NaNoWriMo Day 8

Another busy day at work, this time because of a Nor’Easter that has named Athena, which seems about as practical as naming clouds.

The story this night focused on another attack on the trio.  In the midst of the battle, the main hero began to learn about his true potential.  I also was able to bring in the plains dwarf (dwarves in this story live on plains and farm… it was a suggestion from the forums) into more of a player in the story.  And I included another telling of a legend, this time, the legend actually witnessed by the plains dwarf

Par for the course, I still have no clue what is on the dreaded thirteenth scroll.  I do know that it isn’t a copy of the romance novel Bedded By Her Lord, which I still have to work into this story somehow.

My current word count is 28,313, putting me well over the half way mark.  And from what I can tell about this story, I do not see the 50,000 word mark being close to its ending.


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