NaNoWriMo Day 6

For those of you who are in the United States (and who can), don’t forget to vote today.

This weekend turned out to be extremely productive, even more than I had expected.  I’m still not all that happy with my story, but I feel better about it today than I did the last few days.

The story is moving along, though I still have no clue what is on the dreaded thirteenth scroll, just that the villain, a bald man (who really still has no name) wants it for some reason.  My only hope is that the thirteenth scroll does not turn out to be a copy of the romance novel Bedded By Her Lord, my personal in-joke in most of my NaNoWriMos.

I have also introduced Aurick, a young prince who joins our heroes on their adventure.  The biggest problem he poses is that he is a potential suitor for the heroine, Ariel, and thus a rival to the hero, Kestrel.  This would not be so bad except that Aurick is actually a pretty decent guy.  And it is Aurick who helps set up the second of the two in jokes I wanted to include in this novel (the first being the as yet unused Bedded By Her Lord reference.)

Anyhow, with my Sunday and Monday “I have no life outside of NaNoWriMo” writing sessions, my word count has boosted to 22,697 words.  This should make up for the fact that my word count for Election Day will probably be pretty small.

And, for the record, I have even used the traveling shovel of death.


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  1. I really, really hope the thirteenth scroll is ‘Bedded By Her Lord’. I’m sorry, but I really do.

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