Creative Tuesday – Bleedfeeders Chapter 9

The final chapter of Bleedfeeders, timed perfectly with the starting days of the National Novel Writing Month.

Chapter 9

Solaris dodged multiple attacks by the bleedfeeder. The now gigantic monstrosity didn’t seek to hurt Solaris, he sought to feed on him.

“You’re in for some fun,” the monster cackled, “You will feel the power that comes with stage two, love it all.” Two more swings, both misses, “Not even realizing that the more you use the power, the more the bleed eats at you.” Another swing, and another miss. “That’s the real peril of the bleed, the more you use your energy, the more it destroys you. And once you enter stage three, and start to feel pain, there is only one escape, and that is to feed.” The monster laughed as it grabbed a dumpster. It raised it above its head, intending to throw it at Solaris.

The broadsword and dagger of Gwen’s defender stopped that. The monster screamed in sheer agony, The blades of each driven deep into the creature’s back. The stranger pushed off the monstrosity with both feet, pulling free both blades. The wounds didn’t bleed, at least, not blood. The creature lashed out, hurling a wave of energy at the swordsman. The stranger’s agility kept him from getting hit.

Solaris pulled the small device from his pocket. It wasn’t much, but it would lock the form of any plasmic it comes into contact with. Granted, Solaris didn’t want the bleedfeeder trapped in this form, but he didn’t have a choice. He lunged towards the beast, the device outstretched before him. His eyes widened as he watched the device short out before it could get anywhere near the bleedfeeder. He was too far gone.

Worse still, the bleedfeeder was hemorrhaging energy. Even his own movement was labored. The creature stopped struggling, realizing that he was dying, and there wasn’t much he could do to stop it. The creature fell to his knees.

“Help me,” it said in labored breaths. There wasn’t anything Solaris could do. He was still trying to figure out how to get him away from the city before he went to stage five and exploded.

The stranger approached from behind, raising his broadsword.

“For Morgan,” he said. Solaris stopped him from plunging the sword into the skrinking bleedfeeder.

“He’s dying already. We need to get him away from here, now.” The stranger lowered his sword. He grabbed the bleedfeeder and leapt straight up into the night sky. Solaris watched as the two practically disappeared from sight.

Then the explosion, a brilliant blast far up in the night sky, far away from the city, and from the people around it. It was spectacular.


The Bleedfeeders, the band that is, had what some music critics called their breakout performance. Deprived of their electric instruments, they were forced to fall back on acoustics. The crowd didn’t mind. In fact, they loved it. Solaris himself found himself quite surprised by how well it sounded. Still, he didn’t stay through the whole show.

Outside the club, he looked up into the night sky, now showing no signs of the explosion from before.

“The city is safe.” Solaris looked up, seeing the masked stranger crouched on a ledge above him.


“Guinevere and Isolde are safe. That is important.”

“Why are they here?” Solaris asked.

“You will know when the time is right.” The stranger leapt from the ledge to the top of the building. He unleashed a howl towards the moon that made Solaris think of the wolf that he saw in the zoo. Solaris watched as the strange swordsman leapt off.

“Seems like things are going to get more interesting around here.”


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