NaNoWriMo Day 5

This was an interesting day.  My higher word count this time around is due to having Sunday off and having no life.  So it was a power writing day.

I’ve just run into a few problems.  first, for a little while there, I was starting to hate my story.  I am still planning on finishing, except that this one will probably never ever see the light of day.  I stopped hating it so much once I got into a bit more action.

I still have no clue why the principle villain wants the thirteenth scroll, or what is on it.  But at least I had a better flow tonight than I had during the day yesterday.

At the moment, my word count is 17,105.  Again, most of this is from power writing sessions on Sunday.  Monday may be more of the same, which is good since it will make up for a low word count on Election Day.


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