Creative Tuesday – Bleedfeeders Chapter 8

One more chapter to go as we get ready for Halloween.

Chapter 8

The club was moderately filled. Solaris realized watching the crowd that he had no idea what passed as culture on this world. Even more astounding was that mixed into the crowd of solids were a few members of his own plasmic race. Seeing them in the crowd made Solaris realize that he really needed to acclimate to his new home a lot more than he had.

He felt the cell phone vibrate on his hip, even though he couldn’t hear it over the cacophony of club sounds. He flipped it open, “Hello?” He could tell there was someone on the other line, but could not hear them over the noise, “One moment,” he said. He concentrated for a moment, reaching out to pick up the signal wave of the call. “Okay, I think I got it.”

“Solarstorm, it’s Bell.” Solaris rolled his eyes as he scratched his brow. He made sure that he kept the cell phone to his ear, even though he was now picking up the signal directly.

“What have you got?”

“The Bleedfeeders formed a couple of months ago. They’re a heavy metal Goth band…”

“That means nothing to me,” Solaris replied.

“Anyway, there seems to be something strange about the band.”

“Here we go,” Solaris absentmindedly remarked.


“Nothing,” Solaris continued, “What’s so strange?”

“It seems that in two other cities where the band performed, there were a couple of strange deaths. Nothing seemed out of sorts with the victims, except two burns on their necks. I think that the government…”

“It’s bleedfeeders,” Solaris interrupted, cutting off the conspiracy theory.

“But the victims were solids. Bleedfeeders can’t feed on solids… can they?”

“Apparently a real desperate one will try.”

“Must be real desperate. You think it’s the band?”

“One or more members, possibly. If they’re willing to attempt to feed on Terrans, they may be stage three.”

“Can you recognize a stage three?”

“Oh yeah, they’re pretty obvious,” he said with a nod, “I have to go, the band’s taking the stage.” Solaris closed the phone as he broke his connection with Ian, thankfully before he could engage in any sort of conspiracy theory. Solaris allowed his vision to shift spectra, fixing his gaze on the stage.

From the small backstage area, the drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist and female singer stepped onstage to the roar of the crowd.

They were all human.

Solaris didn’t understand it. He was certain that one of the band had to be a bleedfeeder, maybe even all of them. Yet all of them had the solid black hue of Terrans. They were humans, and Morgan’s killer was still out there. The band members took a quick bow before taking their places. But, as they began to play, nothing happened. It was as if their instruments had no power. Like it had been drained, or shorted out.

Solaris quickly adjusted his hearing, attempting to isolate the one sound that could give him a clue as to what’s happening.

“What gives? I thought this band–”

“–Saw them last night, this didn’t–”

“–this stinks–”

“–Don’t understand it, everything was working at soundcheck.”

“Check it again–”

The sound booth!

Solaris pushes his way through the crowd towards the back of the club. He looked into the booth, seeing a frantic human trying to fix is equipment, and a very nervous plasmic inching his way to the door. He wasn’t stage three, he was stage four!

Solaris made his way to the sound booth door, just as the plasmic pushed open the door.

“I want to talk to you about the death of a young woman last night,” Solaris called out, loud enough to be heard by the plasmic and those near the door. The plasmic frowned and pushed Solaris. Solaris hadn’t expected the amount of power that the plasmic put into the attack which sent him flying halfway across the club and into a table. He rose from the shattered table, glad he could not feel pain yet. He didn’t care if anyone saw what he had just did. He needed to catch the bleedfeeder before he could feed again.

Solaris pushed through the crowd as he saw his suspect try to escape through a fire door. Solaris raced to the door, exiting into the alley behind the club. He hadn’t expected the bleedfeeder to be waiting, or ready to attack.

The force of the blow sent Solaris flying into the brick wall of the neighboring building. Had he been human, it would undoubtedly been a killing blow. Solaris rose to his feet, unfazed by the attack. He found himself standing before the bleedfeeder, who now towered over him, crackling with excess energy.

He wasn’t just stage four, he was nearly stage five.

“You are under arrest…” Solaris began. The bleedfeeder laughed.

“What are you going to do, cop? Arrest me?” The bleedfeeder laughed again, “You can’t stop me, and soon, you will be worse off than me.”


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