Saturday Songs – October 27, 2012

Granted, I featured Alice Cooper last week as part of the Halloween Saturday Songs.  But, it was too difficult to pass this one out.

In spite of the fourth movie being called the Final Chapter, the Friday the 13th series managed to continue, with Jason Voorhees returning to menace sex craving campers again and again.  This was the case in 1986 when America experienced Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part IV.  It was, let’s face it, yet another movie in a franchise that seems almost as indestructible as its villain.

Yet, this movie featured a little something different.  At least, different from other movies in the series.  And, no, I don’t mean a creative way of killing a camper.  I mean a song, He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) by Alice Cooper.

When you hear this song, there is no question that this song was not something that was appropriated by the Friday the 13th series.  It is very much Jason’s song, and fit perfectly with the plot of this movie (such as it is).


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