Creative Tuesday – Bleedfeeders Chapter 7

Everything is building with only two more chapters to go.

Chapter 7

Solaris stared at the mysterious swordsman through the glass. The stranger said nothing. He barely moved in the room.

“Who is he?”

“Don’t know. One of the officers on scene said they heard the girl call him Kay, but that really doesn’t tell us much.”

“You didn’t unmask him?”

“Why would we? He’s just a suspect. City ordinance states that no masked individual can be unmasked unless there is a formal indictment. Even then…” Solaris rolled his eyes, a habit he had picked up while in his solid form.

“And the girl?”

“She’s okay. We have her in the lobby with the one you brought in. They seemed a little distressed.” Solaris glared at Harris.

“Both have been attacked, and their friend was killed. You’d be distressed, too.” Solaris returned his gaze to the stranger in the interrogation room, “Mind if I talk to him?” Harris shrugged his shoulders.

“Be my guest, he won’t talk to us.” Solaris exited the observation room and entered the interrogation room. Surprisingly, the stranger seemed to look up at him as he entered.

“We aren’t bringing any formal charges, but we would like to ask you some questions.” The stranger said nothing in reply. “Did you recognize the man who attacked the two girls?” The stranger said nothing. “Was it one man? Two separate men?” Again, no reply. It was starting to frustrate Solaris. “Can you tell me anything about the attacker, or attackers?”

“He was like you.” A response. Solaris had to admit that this caught him off-guard.

“A police officer?” he asked.

“He was like you.” Solaris frowned. He realized what the stranger meant. A quick visual spectrum shift confirmed his initial belief that this stranger was not a plasmic in solid form, but there was something definitely off about him.

“Like me?” The stranger nodded.

“Do they know?” Solaris immediately reached out, pulsing an EM burst they scrambled any recording device in the room.

“The question is, what do you know.”

“I know you’re not from this planet. The attacker is not either.” This intrigued Solaris. In his time on Earth, he had never met anyone who could see him for what he was in his current form.

“Just one attacker.”

“He looked different, but he was the same.” Now he was getting somewhere. Nearly all of Solaris’ race on Earth picked a form and stuck to it, but could change appearances whenever they felt like it. But there were a few, a very small few, who were never happy in one solid form. They would change often. Now, it seemed that there was one of his race who was changing appearances to cover his crimes. A brilliant idea, Solaris had to admit.

“Why these girls?”

“I am sworn to protect them.” The stranger fell silent. “I have failed Morgan, but I will not fail Guinevere or Isolde.”

“I meant why were they attacked?”

“We are not like you,” the stranger replied before shifting his head towards the one way mirror, “or them.”

“Extraterrestrial?” The stranger shook his head. In all his life, Solaris had never met an extradimensional being. Now, in the course of a day, he encountered two, and was investigating the death of a third. “You think they were attacked because of who they were?”

“Because of what they were.” It made sense now. The bleedfeeders had targeted the three girls specifically because they were extradimensional, maybe even bursting with more energy than the common solid. Solaris excused himself and made a quick call to Marty.


“What do you need?” Marty asked as he entered the precinct. Solaris pulled him over to the far side of the waiting room, away from Gwen and Isy.

“Can you take a look at those two girls?” Marty stared at the two for a moment.

“Cute… for solids.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Solaris answered, though happy Marty was keeping in good spirits.

“I know.” Marty took another look at the girls, “Light of the suns!”


“I’ve never seen energy like this from a solid before. What are they?”

“Extradimensional,” Solaris whispered. Marty remained silent for a moment.

“I’ve never seem that before.”

“Neither have I, though really…”

“I can die a happy man,” Marty answered. Neither he nor Solaris said anything for a moment. “Oh, I got you a new contact. He’s only stage two, so I don’t think he’s going to…” Marty trailed off.


“His name’s Ian Bell…”

“Ian George Bell?” Marty nodded, “Suns preserve me.”


“Bell’s a conspiracy freak.”

“He knows a lot about Earth and its people,” Marty answered, “he should be good. I asked him to look into the band for you.” As long as he keeps the conspiracies to himself, Solaris thought, “How are these two related to the case?” Marty asked.

“The dead girl was one of them.” Marty took another look at the girls again.

“I can see why a bleedfeeder may go after them.” Solaris looked down at his watch, an old wind-up model, “You have to be somewhere?”

“Yes,” Solaris answered, “I have to go see my prime suspects.”


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