Does This Ever Happen To You?

Does this ever happen to you?

You stumble across something all the time.  It is something that is pretty much useless, yet you are always finding it.  Yet, when you actually have use for that item, you cannot find it anywhere.

In my case, this item is a reusable lid for cans, like for cat food or dog food.  I have seen this thing all over the house, even in spots where it really should not be.  Yet now, when I actually have use for such an item, I cannot fin the damn thing anywhere.

I sometimes wonder if there is some force in the universe that is keeping me from finding these items when I want them.  I run into this all the time at book stores.  I pick up the first in a series of books.  I read it and like it.  So I decide to pick up the second book of the series.  Sure enough, that book, which I saw with the first book, is now out of stock everywhere.

Does something go around making sure these things are lost to me when I want them?  And how does it know I want them?  Does it listen for me to say, “Hey, that was cool, I’ll read the next book now”?  Or does it read my mind and know to move the reusable can lid from where I last saw it to a completely different part of the house, one where such an item would never be found again?


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  1. I think this happens to everybody, Dave.

  2. Sods law, what can you do?

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