Saturday Songs – October 6, 2012

It seems only fitting that since this is October, the month of Halloween, Saturday Songs should feature songs with a horror slant.

In 1987, the third Nightmare on Elm Street movie was hitting the big screens.  Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors would see the return of Heather Langenkamp to the series to face Freddy Krueger once more.  The added twist of this movie was that the children of Elm Street were being taught how to fight Freddy in their dreams, with Patricia Arquette’s Kristin acting as the lynch pin.  I remember finding the movie entertaining, but the series would be on a downward slide from this peak.

Trying into Nightmare was the song Dream Warriors by Dokken.  Part of the hair metal movement of the 1980s, Dokken had a few hits, most notably In My Dreams.  Dream Warriors fit well with the theme of the third Freddy movie, and the video followed the basic plot of the movies.  The biggest difference is that Kristin (played in the video by Patricia Arquette) is a Dokken fan who encounters the band at various times in her dream as Freddy stalks her.  Eventually, there is the final stand-off between her and Freddy.  Except, she has an ace up her sleeve: she has Dokken there to help her.

Dokken’s Dream Warriors is available on iTunes, and Dokken’s albums are also available at and at your local record store.


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