Picks of the Week – October 3, 2012

It’s the first week of October, and it’s Wednesday.  It’s time for some new comics.


Swamp Thing #13 (DC Comics) – The Rotworld event takes over Swamp Thing and Animal Man as the titles split from the prelude two months before.  In this issue, Alec Holland returns to Earth one year later to find the Rot in control.  But, there remains a hold out against the Rot, The Green Kingdom and its champions.  But, it too is under attack.  And, what happened to Abby in Swamp Thing’s absence?

Animal Man #13 (DC Comics) – The Rotworld event continues as Buddy Baker finds himself in an overrun San Diego.  The only refuge is the Red Kingdom.  But, can Animal Man come to turns with what has happened in his absence, or the fate of his family.  Both parts of this event can be read separately, or together, a nice variation to the typical comic “event.”

Stormwatch #13 (DC Comics) – Up until now, the only place we have seen the demon Etrigan has been in the pages of Demon Knights.  Given the revelations in last month’s Stormwatch 0 issue, it seems only fitting that this issue marks the Etrigan’s first appearance in the modern world.

Superman Action Comics #13 (DC Comics) – Superman is pulled into the Phantom Zone, where he meets a strange ally and a longtime friend.  Also in this issue, a brief look at Superman’s life from a very unique angle.

Doctor Who #1 (IDW) – Just in time to pick up from the mid-season finale of the TV Series, the new comic series starts anew.  The Doctor and the Ponds travel to Victorian London as they investigate a psychic who has built a machine not of this Earth.

A vs. X #12 (Marvel Comics) – Less of a pick than a pet peeve for me.  Marvel’s mediocre event wraps up as A Phoenix empowered Scott Summers goes up against Hope.  This issue bugs me on two points… well, two beyond the weak story.  First is the ending.  Cyclops is depowered by Hope.  The next time we see Cyclops is sitting in a ruby crystal prison.  This would be all fine and dandy, except that it is pretty much the same ending as Civil War (where Captain America is arrested), World War Hulk (where Banner is arrested), Secret Invasion (which has a scene of Skrulls being arrested), and Siege (where Norman Osborn is arrested).  Secondly, in rejecting the Phoenix power, Hope manages to “fix” the Earth, undoing the damage that the Scarlet Witch did when she said “No More Mutants” at the end of House of M and sticking with Marvel’s unofficial slogan, “Don’t worry, we’ll change it back.”  This event’s only redeeming value is that it is slightly better than Fear Itself.

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