So Desperately Out of Touch

English: Nightwish take a bow at the end of a ...

Nightwish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I logged onto Facebook today to see the latest post from the band Nightwish (the link is to post on their website):

Press Statement

Reading the brief statement through, I began to realize that I was, once more, desperately out of touch.  Not to any signs that Anette Olzon and theband were having any issues.  No, the sign that told me I was out of touch was that Floor Jansen (ex-After Forever, Revamp) was stepping in to finish

English: Floor Jansen, singer of the Dutch ban...

off the tour.  It was not the stepping part, again, it was the statement that she was not with After Forever anymore.  That led me to wonder when that happened, why did I not know it had happened, and what else I might have missed while I was under whatever rock I had apparently become my home of ignorance.

For those who are curious, both Nightwish and After Forever (with Floor Jansen on vocals) have been featured in my Saturday Songs segment.


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