Picks of the Week – September 26, 2012

Just in case you have not geeked out enough this week with the release of Mists of Pandaria, we have a big week of new comics to check out.  DC Comics wraps up its Zero Month, while we see a creator and character reunited in a fill in issue.


Talon #0 (DC Comics) – Spinning out of the Night of the Owls crossover, Talon #0 introduces us to Calvin Rose, formerly an assassin of the Court of Owls.  We learn about Rose’s past, and see the moment when he slips from the Court’s control.

Aquaman #0 (DC Comics) – Aquaman is just coming into his own in this zero issue.  More of his past is revealed as he first uses his telepathy, and when he learns the fate of his mother, Queen of Atlantis.

Batman: The Dark Knight #0 (DC Comics) – Haunted by the death of his parents, young Bruce Wayne becomes obsessed with learning who is behind the death of his parents.  But, is Bruce really ready to learn the truth behind the conspiracy of murder?

Justice League Dark #0 (DC Comics) – You have to be blind to not have picked up on the tension between Zatanna and John Constantine.  In this zero issue, we learn the back story behind that tension, and of Constantine’s trench coat.

Red Lantern #0 (DC Comics) – The origin of Atrocitus’ rage is revealed, as well as the creation of the Red Lantern battery.

The Savage Hawkman #0 (DC Comics) – In a stand out issue of a series that I have found relatively mediocre, we journey back into the past to the planet Thanagar.  The planet thought that the war was over until the Daemonites struck.  A new take on the Thanagarians and more integration of Wildstorm villains the Daemonites into the New 52 is revealed.

Wolverine and the X-Men #17 (Marvel Comics) – Michael (Madman) Allred is reunited with Doop in this fill in issue.  In an issue that is as funny as it is bizarre, we learn exactly why Wolverine brought Doop on as a member of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

Star Trek The Next Generation Doctor Who: Assimilation Squared #5 (IDW) – The Doctor needs to convince the crew of the Enterprise to help the Borg against the Cybermen.  But can Picard, after everything he endured at the hands of the Borg, be convinced?  Or, will the Doctor have to take the Captain on a little trip to convince him?

Happy #1 (Image Comics) – Nick Sax is a former detective with a death wish who just got a new partner named Happy.  The only problem is that Happy is a small blue unicorn, and Nick is the only man who can see him.

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