G.I. Joe Invades The Workplace

introducing joe fort ...

introducing joe fort … (Photo credit: lamont_cranston)

No, this is not the plot of the next G.I. Joe movie (coming soon… maybe… I don’t know anymore).  I thought it might be interesting to imagine what a G.I. Joe line (the real 12 inch Joes, not the little ones, and certainly not those goofy Sigma Six Joes) based on my place of work would be like.

For the record, I work at a local television station.  Pondering this, I actually realized that there is quite some potential here for a toy line.

Base Figures

Every action figure line needs a base figure assortment.  In this case, the base figure assortment consists of three figures.

Reporter Joe

Reporter Joe is probably the most basic of all the figures.  Reporter Joe is a basic figure dressed casually (since he is in the field) with a jacket that has the station logo on it.  Reporter Joe also comes with a stick microphone with a mic flag showing the station logo on it, a cell phone, an iPad or paper notebook, and an ear piece so he can hear the anchors back at the station.

Photographer Joe

Like Reporter Joe, Photographer Joe is dressed casually with the station logo jacket.  He is equipped with a field camera that can either be held on his shoulder, or attached to the supplied tripod.  And, since this is the 21st century, he comes with a backpack with a laptop so that he can edit the story he just shot.

Floor Director Joe

The last of the basic Joes, Floor Director Joe is dressed to work.  He comes with a headset with microphone that is attached to belt pack.  He comes with a rundown so that he knows who he needs to cue and a special hand that allows him to give two-minute and one minute cues.

Second Tier Joes

Steadycam Joe

English: A Steadycam with iso elastic arm Deut...

Steadycam Joe is similar to the Photographer Joe above.  The big difference is that Steadycam Joe comes with special gear that allows him to keep his camera steady as he moves (see pic).  The harness is set up so that it actually balances with the camera attached, even if Joe is not holding it.

Jib Cam Joe

English: Jib positioned for high-angle shot; P...

English: Jib positioned for high-angle shot; Photo by Henry Nelson, Wichita Kansas, USA, http://www.henrynelson.com Henryn 19:20, 30 July 2007 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like Steadycam Joe, Jib Cam Joe comes with special camera gear that allows for special shots.  This Joe’s camera is attached to a small jib set up which allows him to sweep the camera around the studio while being able to control the camera from afar, similar to what is pictured.

Top Tier Figures

Meteorologist Joe

Meteorologist Joe moves into the top-tier with a special enhanced web cam set up.  The figure, dressed in a snappy suit, will come with a remote and a green screen.  When a web cam is pointed at the green screen and figure, a computer with the installed software will display Joe with weather maps on the green screen.

Anchor Joe and Jane

This figure set comes as a pair.  Joe and his co-anchor, Jane, will come with scripts and ear pieces for both, along with a news desk (some assembly required).  Once assembled, the desk will have enough space for both anchors and Meteorologist Joe so that he can join them for a little witty banter at the end of the newscast.

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