Picks of the Week – September 19, 2012

Fall is rapidly approaching.  As the temps start to drop, it’s a nice time to curl up in a warm blanket and check out this week’s comics.


Justice League #0 (DC Comics) – The League takes a month off as the Shazam back up moves to the forefront.  Billy Batson finally meets the wizard and gains his powers.  Pulling up the back-up spot is a Pandora story where we learn more about the mysterious woman who was present in all the New 52 first issues.  More of her origin is revealed as we learn she has connections to the Wizard Shazam and the Phantom Stranger.

Sword of Sorcery #0 (DC Comics) – Amethyst returns to the DC Universe with her debut in the New 52.  Amy Winston’s life has never really been normal.  She has moved a lot, and her mother insists that she practices with swords and shields.  All she wants to be is normal.  Little does she know what “normal” actually is.  Running back-up is a different retelling of the Beowulf story, this time set sometime in an apocalyptic future.

Wonder Woman #0 (DC Comics) – In this story from Wonder Woman’s past, we learn more of her training, as well as her encounter with a Minotaur.

Ghost #0 (Dark Horse Comics) – The most successful character from Dark Horse’s Comics Greatest World returns in this reprint of her appearance in Dark Horse Presents.  With the announcement that X is returning in December, could this issue signal the return of DHC’s superhero imprint?

Revival #3 (Image Comics) – The search for answers to the strange events occurring in Rothschild, Wisconsin continues.  Still, things continue to get stranger and stranger.


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