Creative Tuesday – Bleedfeeders Chapter 2

This week, we continue the Bleedfeeders story featuring Tempest Solaris with chapter 2.

Chapter 2

Normally, when it came to issues about the bleed, Solaris turned to Ron. Ron wasn’t his real name, just the name he had adopted when he came to Earth, like every member of his race, their own natural names completely unpronounceable to Terrans. “Ron” had been exiled on Earth the longest of the bleed sufferers, no small feat considering how the disease progressed. He had helped many of Solaris’ people blend into the Terran world, even Solaris himself. And when Solaris had issues concerning the bleed, he turned to Ron.

At least he had. Ron went stage for weeks ago. He left for isolated parts unknown, choosing to allow himself to disseminate rather than move to the explosive stage five. Solaris himself was only stage one, just showing the spectral symptoms of the bleed, the tell-tale blue splotches within his energy body. Considering how contagious the bleed was, even stage one was enough to merit exile.

Solaris knocked on the door of the ratty tenant. There was no immediate response. Solaris knocked again.

“Go away!” called a voice on the other side. Solaris shook his head, realizing that the tenant occupant was not going to open the door for him. He would have to do this the hard way.

Solaris allowed his mind to clear, remembering his natural state. He closed his eyes, allowing his “solid” form to melt away, leaving only his natural plasmic state. It was no problem to shift his energies, allowing himself to pass through the door. Once in the tenant, he reformed his solid state, exactly as it was before.

“I told you to go away, Solarstorm.” The man in the tenant said, rubbing his head in pain.

“If you know it was me, why didn’t you answer?” The man did not respond right away, still rubbing his head. He grabbed a bottle of aspirin, swallowing two. He rubbed his head again, throwing the bottle across the room in frustration.

“They really need to say that those things don’t work on plasmics.”

“The Terrans don’t even know plasmics exist.” The man laughed.

“Solid ignorance, must be so nice.”

“I need your help, Marty.”

“Get Ron to help you, can’t you see I’m dealing with a really bad stage three day?”

“Ron went stage four weeks ago.” The man fell silent, allowing his hand to fall away from his head.

“He will be missed.” Solaris nodded.

“He will.”

“What do you need?” Marty asked with a newfound sense of responsibility.

“I have a dead body in the morgue that I need you to check out.” Marty shrugged his shoulders as Solaris continued, “From what I can tell, she has the bleed.”

“One of us?” Solaris shook his head.

“Terran.” Marty rubbed his head again. Solaris couldn’t tell if it was from pain or thought.

“You’re telling me you have a solid with the bleed?”

“I don’t know. That’s why I need your help.”


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