Picks of the Week – September 5, 2012

It’s September.  Fall is around the corner.  The fall fairs are starting to pop up, and Halloween is just around the corner.

And, even with the Labor Day holiday, it’s still new comic day.


DC Comics

The big event of September is DC Comics New 52 0 month.  All the current DC ongoing titles bounce back to a 0 issue, looking back at the events that have led to the New 52.  Each issue also includes a Who’s Who in the New 52, helping to keep track of the heroes and groups that comprise the New 52.

Green Lantern #0 (DC Comics) – This is the issue that has been getting a lot of mainstream press.  Simon Baz is a guy who just can’t catch a break.  Even the act of trying to steal a car leads to his inadvertent involvement with a terrorist group.  So, what happens when he gets the Green Lantern ring of Sinestro, vacated after the events of Green Lantern Annual?

Animal Man #0 (DC Comics) – The origin of Buddy Baker is retold, incorporating the mythology that has been created over the last year.

Swamp Thing #0 (DC Comics) – The battle between the Rot and the Green is covered in this issue, just as Animal Man #0 covers the Rot versus the Red.  Both issues feature Arcane, minion/avatar/monstrosity of the Rot as he seeks to destroy the agents of the Red and the Green.

Batwing #0 (DC Comics) – This issue reveals what drew Batman to recruit David Zavimbi into Batman Incorporated, and the origin of Batwing.

Phantom Stranger #0 (DC Comics) – A long time ago, DC published an issue of Secret Origins that explored not one, but four possible origins of the Phantom Stranger.  This issue reveals another possible origin for the Phantom Stranger, one that involves betrayal and thirty pieces of silver.

Stormwatch #0 (DC Comics) – Jenny Quantum is given a crash course in the history of Stormwatch, which has existed far longer than anyone could have suspected.  This issue also reveals an unexpected tie to another one of the New 52 titles.

World’s Finest #0 (DC Comics) – We return to the Earth 2 and look at the tragic origin of the first meeting of Power Girl (then Supergirl) and Huntress (then Robin).

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