Saturday Songs – August 11, 2012

This time around, we’re taking a trip back to the 1980s.  It was a great era.  The decade of Reagan, MTV (with music), and no Justin Bieber.

I would argue that the 1980s represented the end of the one-hit wonder.  Yes, there have been one hit wonders since.  But, now, one hit wonders are few and far between.  The 1980s had to be one of the last decades where a band can come out of no where, have a hit song, then disappear once more.

Tommy Tutone is one of these 1980s one hit wonders.  But their one hit has had quite an impact.

While the band did not become as famous as other bands from the 1980s, they did become infamous because of their one hit.  Rather than the typical mythological 555 number, the band went with an actual number.  I mean, an actual phone number that you could actually call… much to the dismay of everyone who happened to have that number.

Needless to say, 867-5309 is now famous, or infamous.  So much so that the number’s fame was used in a Cingular commercial over two decades later.


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