Picks of the Week – August 8, 2012

Has it been one of those weeks?  You know the kind, the ones that just seem to get longer with each second?  thankfully, it’s Wednesday, and a new comic day.


Batman #12 (DC Comics) – Who is Harmony Row?  This issue introduces a new character to the Batman universe, though we really don’t know what part she will play just yet.

Resurrection Man #12 (DC Comics) – Captured and subjected to test after test, Mitch Shelley is coming every so much closer to learning who has been hunting him.  And the answer will shock you.

Suicide Squad #12 (DC Comics) – It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire as the Squad is rescued from sacrifice only to be captured by Basilisk.  This issue reveals the traitor in the midst of the Squad.  This issue twists and turns leaving you wondering who is on who’s side.

Legion Lost #12 (DC Comics) – The time lost Legion comes into final battle with the villain they pursued through time in this one year anniversary issue.

The New Avengers #29 (Marvel Comics) – A meeting of the Illuminati is called by Captain America with the hope that they can reason with the Phoenix-empowered Namor.  In spite of the lack of action in the story, this issue speaks volumes as even the gathered members of the Illuminati cannot agree on what to do about the X-Men.  Once more, an A vs. X tie in book has far outshined the main event.

Punisher #13 (Marvel Comics) – Frank Castle and his new ally make a move against The Exchange.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #12 (Dark Horse Comics) – Buffy took a job as a bodyguard.  Now she finds herself helping the man she’s supposed to protect try to destroy a demonic social network before Wolfram & Hart can use it to return to Earth.

The Creep #0 (Dark Horse Comics) – Meet Oxel Karnhus, a private detective who suffers from a disease that has left him disfigured.  See what happens when he is contacted by a woman from his past wanting to hire him to find out why her son committed suicide.


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