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Last week, I mentioned I had a vague semblance of an idea for a story.  Well, a vague semblance and a title for a story.  In seeing where this idea may go, I have begun writing.  Surprisingly, It did it went a bit better than I expected.  That’s not to say that it isn’t bad.  It’s more saying that I did not expect to get 1000 words out of it before it started to degenerate.

And, for the record, it has not degenerated… yet.

Anyhow, in a bit of a change for me, I want to post the first couple of sentences.  Usually, my writing is considered top secret, letting no one read it until I feel I’m ready for that to happen.  Someday, that may happen with my NaNoWriMo projects.  But for now, here are the first couple of sentences of the story titled The Girl With The Tilted Kilt.

Recently, I found myself in a new apartment in a new city with a new job. Unfortunately, since I knew no one and knew of no place to go, I found myself in the new laundry room of my new apartment building, washing my old clothes.

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