Picks of the Week – July 18, 2012

What a week it’s been in the Northeast.  Heat waves, downpours, and really icky humidity.

Thank goodness it’s new comics day.


Wonder Woman #11 (DC Comics) – In the aftermath of Diana’s rescue of Zola from the underworld, and her own subsequent escape, Hera sets her sights on eliminating her husband’s lover.  To this end, she makes a promise to the god Apollo, which brings in his sister Artemis as well.

Avengers Academy #33 (Marvel Comics) – In the conclusion last month’s story, the academy makes a stand against Emma Frost as she seeks to destroy Juston’s Sentinel.  There are serious ramifications in this issue as the war between the X-Men and the Avengers takes their toll on the Academy.

X-Factor #240 (Marvel Comics) – In an issue that focuses on Layla Miller, we get inside her head as she races to save the life of a young woman.  This issue gives a better idea of how Layla sees the world, and how her own abilities work as well.

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation Squared #3 (IDW) – Confronted by a fleet of Borg and Cybermen, the Enterprise retreats to learn more about their adversaries.  As it turns out, it seems that the Enterprise has encountered the Cybermen, and the Doctor Before. This issue asks more questions than it answered as the Doctor begins to remember things that he knows he should not remember.  The issue also makes use of an art change to tell the flashback story of another Enterprise and another Doctor.

Star Trek #11 (IDW) – Scotty sends a gift to his nephew back on Earth.  But, when the Enterprise investigates a planet that has drawn the attention of the Klingons, Scotty finds out there may be more to his gift, a tribble, than he even suspects.

And One Non-Pick of the Week

A vs X Round 8 (Marvel Comics) – Namor attacks Wakanda.  This lackluster “event” manages to get Wolverine and Hope to K’un-Lun, where they have apparently been in issues of the New Avengers for months.  It is bad enough when an “event” has a sub-par story, but when events in tie-in issues do not line up, it only gets worse.  The real sad part about this event, which only seems to drag out the tired hero fighting hero concept far too long, is that I stupidly keep picking up each issue, hoping that something will turn around, only to be disappointed that much more.


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