Five Things To Do When You Have No Internet

power outage

power outage (Photo credit: eschipul)

This is a handy little list to have on hand for any number of situations, whether you have lost power, or if (like me… almost) part of the network chain goes down, preventing you from gaining access to the world wide web.

  1. Read – Reading is always a good thing.  It is even more so when you are in the dark and have only a flashlight or candle for illumination.  If you scare easily, you may want to avoid the horror novels, since the lack of light will only serve to enhance the creepy air that these books already create.  With a good book, you can waste away several hours without even caring that you have not checked your email in that time.
  2. Writing – The weekend before November 1st, Connecticut got socked with an early Nor’Easter.  For many of us, we were without power for days, even weeks.  As a participant of the National Novel Writing Month, this posed a unique dilemma.  How was I to start when I had no power to my laptop.  And there was no guarantee that the battery on it would last long enough for my writing.  So I began longhand.  It was probably the most productive I had been to date.
  3. Play Solitaire, Old School – It does not take much to play solitaire, just a deck of cards.  And it is pretty easy to waste a few hours waiting for the lights to turn back on remembering to play the black nine on the red ten.
  4. Tell Stories – This works best with a group of people.  Everyone has a story or two.  Something funny that happened to them during the previous week.  Or maybe an old campfire ghost story they heard when they were little.  Have everyone gather around and take turns.  Pretty soon, you won’t even care if the lights do come back on.
  5. Create Something – The best thing about crafts is that you don’t need power, or the internet to make something.  Whether you build something with popsicle sticks and glue, build a model, knit, or needlepoint, all you need are the basic tools to get started.  If you have children, you may want to make a craft box that can be brought out when the power goes out.  That way you have a way of entertaining the children, and yourself.

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