Saturday Songs – July 14, 2012

Many times, writers will have a song in mind when they are writing.  There are times when this happens for me as well.

Then there are times when you find the right song for a character well after that character has come to life.  In this case, it is almost like the character is getting their voice after being mute for so long.

I have already discussed Duplicator, a character from one of my NaNoWriMo projects on this blog, as well a the song that managed to get me writing on that project.  Now, as I get ready to work on the rewrite, I feel that I have found the song that best fits this character.

I have mentioned After Forever on this blog as well as part of my Women Rock playlist.  But, considering that Duplicator is empowered by other superhumans, it seemed more and more appropriate for a song called Energize Me to apply to him.

This song, as well as other songs by After Forever, is available on iTunes,, and your local record store.


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