Picks Of The Week – July 4, 2012

It’s the 4th of July.  Hopefully you had a safe and fun holiday.

And if you were like me and had to work, at least it’s new comic day.


Earth 2 #3 (DC Comics) – In the wake of last month’s train crash, we see the birth of a new hero.  Meet Alan Scott, The Green Lantern!  Plus, Hawkgirl puts the new Flash through his paces.

Superman: Action Comics #11 (DC Comics) – Clark Kent is dead.  Meet Superman’s new secret identity.  Plus, it seems that a lot of aliens have taken interest in the Earth, and Superman wants to know why.  This story is backed up by a visitor to Metropolis who learns the origin of Superman’s T-shirt… or does he?

Animal Man #11 (DC Comics) – Buddy Baker returns from the dead with a physical upgrade to face off against his old, rot controlled body.  Can Animal Man’s new body defeat his old one and save his son?  One of the New 52’s strangest titles just keeps getting better.

Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #12 (Marvel Comics) – It’s the new Spider-Man facing off against his uncle, The Prowler.

Hero Worship #1 (Avatar Press) – Adam Robeson is obsessed with the super-hero Zenith.  But, what happens when Robeson actually has an origin of his own?


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