Shortened Weekend Viewing

I had a short weekend this week (Sunday only), but somehow still managed to get in a little viewing.


First up was Wrath of the Titans.  This is a sequel to the recent remake of the original Ray Harryhausen creature showcase, Clash of the Titans.  This time around, Perseus finds himself battling the Titans as they seek to escape their prison in the twilight of the Gods.  I would not say that this movie was a bad movie, it just was not a very good one.  Seeing this movie, I can see why this managed to come and go from theaters with little fanfare.  If you really feel the need to, check it out.  Otherwise, find the original Clash of the Titans (available on DVD) and watch that instead.

Courtesy: IMDB.COM

Next up was a mini-marathon of Space: 1999.  I say mini-marathon because it was only three episodes, thus completing my viewing of the 2 DVD box set I had purchased some time ago.  Those unfamiliar with the show, it was a 1970s sci-fi show focusing on the adventures of Moon Base Alpha which has been sent hurdling into space after a massive accident.  Unlike other sci-fi series of this time, this series (particularly the episodes I watched, episodes 4-6) tend to be more cerebral rather than action packed.  But, once you accept the premise that the Earth’s moon can be knocked from its orbit and sent into deep space, the rest becomes a bit more acceptable.

The particular episodes I watched dealt with Alpha’s encounter with an alien probe.  Next, Alpha encounters a group of aliens from a dead planet seeking to settle on Earth.  These aliens (the leader played by Christopher Lee) offer to allow one member of Moon Base to journey with them as they seek to continue their trip to Earth.  And in the last episode, a space anomaly causes Alpha to find themselves coming into the orbit of the Earth, one with a moon already in orbit.

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