Strange Phone Call

Cell phone Sagem my202X ubt

Cell phone Sagem my202X ubt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wednesday, I received a strange phone message on my cell phone.  This is not one of the usual strange calls I used to get back when I first got the cell phone.  At that time, I found out that the number they gave me had formerly been the number for a quite popular girl.  Furthermore, said quite popular girl seemingly forgot to tell all her friends that she got a new number.  Either that or all her friends absent mindedly forgot to update their contacts when she gave them the new number.

No, this one was actually directed toward me.

The call in question went to my voice mail.  This is because I am not stupid enough to keep my cell phone anywhere near where I sleep.  Naturally, the voice mail message only added to the oddity of the call.  It did not say much.  The woman who left the message said she got my information, but needed some clarification, and left a phone number.  that was pretty much it.  I had no idea what the call was about.  For a while, I thought that maybe she was trying to reach a different person with my name.  My dad has a stock guy with my name.  It’s possible that for some reason, my dad gave my number for his by accident.

Of course, I would have no way of knowing unless I called the number provided.

So I did.

It turned out to connect to an automated system.  The name at the moment escapes me, but I recognized the them of the name.  A couple of weeks back, I was checking out a website for an online dating service.  I was not really quite sure why, since I had already decreed that I was no longer on the market, at least, not on the market in the same sense that Campbell’s Cream of Haggis soup with extra kale is no longer on the market.  I had gotten through a couple of pages before reality set back in and I cancelled out of the whole process.

At least, so I thought.

I am not a big fan of automated phone trees.  Press 1, press 2, stay on the line, thanks but I’ll pass.  I have better things to do with my time then pressing enough phone buttons to play Mary Had A Little Lamb.  I hung up without leaving a message figuring that was the end of it.  After all, I had already determined that I am undatable, I did not need yet another online service to tell me that.  I thought that was the end of it.

Until they called back.

So here I was, talking to a real person about a dating service… on bluetooth (I was in the car when they called, hands free).  After a brief overview of how their organization works (offline with an interview before any set ups can happen), she asked if I was currently dating.  I answered with a half truth.  I said I was not dating, but I said it was on account of my strange work hours.  At least that sounded better than I’m not dating because I don’t think I can find a date (which I still don’t).  I answered a few more common questions before she asked to make an appointment for a meeting and interview (or whatever dating services call it).  Again, I used work as an excuse, though, this time, it was a bit more accurate.  I said I was not available because of a shifting schedule due to vacations.

So, the meeting was deferred, probably indefinitely.  I don’t really expect them to call back again, and I’m okay with that.  It seems only fair.  There is no reason why I should waste their time trying to find something that is not out there.

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