Picks of the Week – June 13, 2012

Had a rotten week so far?  Need an escape?  Thankfully, it’s Wednesday… Comic Day!


Batman and Robin #10 (DC Comics) – It’s a gathering of Robins past and present as Tim Drake questions Damien’s worthiness to wear the Robin costume.  Plus, a new group of criminals gather, all with past encounters with the Dark Knight.

Green Lantern #10 (DC Comics) – The Secret of the Indigo Tribe wraps up in this issue.  Can Hal and Sinestro restore the Indigo Battery before the freed members of the Indigo Tribe take them out?  And what is the fate of Black Hand?

Legion Lost #10 (DC Comics) – The lost Legion has a time bubble and the means of returning to their own time, only to discover the future’s in ruins.  Is the only way of saving the future still in the past?

Resurrection Man #10 (DC Comics) – In light of DC Comics’ recent announcement that Resurrection Man is one of a few titles scheduled for cancellation, my guilty pleasure comic still runs strong (at least for me).  Mitch Shelley is a hunted man.  Even Heaven and Hell wants him.  Can he figure out what he is before one of the two sides claims him?

Suicide Squad #10 (DC Comics) – Harlequin returns to the Squad as they go after an agent of Basilisk.  Plus, Yo-Yo confronts Waller.

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Avid comic reader, amateur writer, music fan, and someone with opinions, lots of opinions.

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